Digital Marketer

Graphic Designer


Video Editor / Animator

Logistics & Support

WordPress & SEO Guy

Blog Writer & Editor


Laravel / App Developer

Hustler and/or Marketer

About the internship

Part Time

15-20 hours per week

Remote Work

From home or anywhere

4 Month Long

you can extend upon mutual consent

2-3 meetings per month

at BUET campus

For students only

students from any varsity, any major

Not paid

unfortunately 🙁


  • managing Facebook Page, Facebook Group and Instagram Profile.
  • responding to comments and messages, creating new posts
  • creating and managing ads
  • utilizing advanced features and analytics of FB Ad Manager
  • writing proper captions
  • growing followers and email list
  • creating and running regular email campaigns with Mailchimp Tool
  • generating and executing ideas to promote our brand online
  • having a decent sense of SEO
  • understanding the psychology of audience, observing their response and demand; and adapting accordingly

We will guide you through.

  • creating marketing content for social media accounts
  • creating content for website (featured images, icons, banners, etc)
  • having a good sense of branding and consistency
  • having expertise in Illustrator and/or  Photoshop
  • shooting videos for courses
  • going to different places for shooting (instructors’ offices mostly)
  • editing tutorials and course videos
  • creating promotional videos for digital marketing
  • creating intro/outro for videos
  • communicating with customers
  • checking emails regularly and answering to customer queries
  • answering to queries in FB page
  • creating DVDs of courses
  • printing certificates
  • managing delivery of DVD and certificate to customers, via courier services
  • adding and managing woocommerce products, orders and coupons
  • adding and managing new blog posts
  • adding and managing courses, lessons, topics, etc. 
  • optimizing each and every content with Yoast and other SEO tools
  • increasing website KPIs (organic page visit, website rank, etc)
  • working with Google Analytics, tag manager and other tools
  • analyzing and utilizing keywords
  • writing articles for blogs
  • editing blog articles and other descriptive contents
  • creating documentation/knowledge base
  • having decent knowledge about SEO

creating courses and tutorials for Bohubrihi. This is a paid job, you get handsome % of commission from each sale made.

  • maintaining website
  • troubleshooting website
  • writing custom codes to modify plugin functionalities
  • having good knowledge in wordpress, php, javascript, html, css, mysql, phpmyadmin

developing android app for Bohubrihi

working in development of Bohubrihi’s v2.0 website in Laravel

  • reaching and onboarding new instructors
  • communicating with partners
  • reaching new potential partners
  • creating partnership proposals
  • taking part in running promotional campaigns

What’s in it for you?

You will be featured

In "Meet the Team" section of our website. In our FB page

Free Courses

Free access to all our online courses, forever

Scope of joining the Core team

Based on your performance

Internship Certificate

For your 4 month service in our company

Recommendation Letter

Based on your performance and contribution

Employee Stock Options

Once in our core team, you will enjoy your company stock options.

Control over your role

As you continue to prove your worth, you continue to climb the company ladder. This is an early stage company, so you have better chances to gradually obtain a leading position.

The ability to learn

Learning is proportional to work engagement

Unique growth opportunity

As a startup we constantly face problems, and try to overcome them with limited resources. You join Bohubrihi, you grow with Bohubrihi.


  • undergrad students of any major
  • preferably from 2nd or 3rd year
  • hyper-excited about learning new things and proving self-worth
  • tendency of owning the role and taking responsibility

Before you apply……

If you are looking for a corporate (or even formal) internship experience, this is not for you. We are a bunch of engineering students from BUET, trying to address one of nation’s critical problems. We are students, just like you. We are hyped, and we make mistakes. We work from home, discuss new strategies in classes, hold team meetings during lunch break at cafeteria and we are super casual. Good? Apply!

How to Apply

  • Prepare your portfolio or sample projects (not needed if you are applying for marketing, digital marketing, logistics and support roles. must needed for other roles.)
  • Prepare your resume
  • Submit the form below
upload you resume to Google Drive or Dropbox and submit the shareable link here
not needed if you are applying for marketing, digital marketing, logistics and support roles. must needed for other roles.