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How it Works

Pick a Topic

Decide what you want to teach. We have no restriction on the course topic- not at all!

Create your First Course

Design, record, edit and upload your course on Bohubrihi. Need help?

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Start promoting your courses to your friends, students and followers. We will show you how.

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Once your course goes live, you will be earning 50% commission on each sale made.

Key Features

Clever Course Builder

The industry’s best course builder makes course creation a snap.

Advanced Quizzing

Eight question types, custom messages, question banks, and MUCH more.

Course Reporting

Quickly run reports on user enrollment, progress, and quiz performance.

Commission Reports

Monitor your sales, commissions and payments.

Lesson Timers

Set a minimum amount of time that must be spent per lesson.

Dynamic Forums

Private or public course specific forums for your enrolled users.

Course Points

Award points for completing courses and unlock new ones.

Certificates & Badges

Award custom certificates and points for course activities.

One-Time Purchase

One-time price, subscriptions, and shopping cart supported.

Shopping Cart

Easily implement a shopping cart for selling courses.

Course Bundles

Sell your courses one at a time, or create bundles.

Email Notifications

Automatic email triggers increase learner engagement.

Manage Assignment

Approve, comment, and award points on assignments.

Expire Access

Remove access after a specified amount of time.

h5p contents

Use rich interactive h5p contents under MIT license.

Multi Tier Courses

Courses, Lessons, Topics and Assignments.

Flexible Prerequisites

Set course, lesson, and quiz based prerequisites..

Use Any Media

Videos, Articulate & Adobe Captivate files, images, audio..

Uploading A Course Is Easy...

Step 1

Create a Course

Step 2

Create a Lesson. Assign the lesson with the associated course

Step 3

Create a Topic. Assign the topic with the associated Lesson


(optional) Create a Quiz by adding Questions to the quiz and assign the quiz with the associated course

*Need help in uploading courses? Click here to visit Bohubrihi Knowledge Base for proper guideline. We’ve explained each and every option, setting, trick and best practice for you!

Course Approval

Once you submit a content (course/lesson/topic/quiz/question), our editorial team will review the quality of it. The content will be published only if it meets the quality standard of Bohubrihi. If not, you'll be provided with feedback regarding the improvement of your content.

Come prepared?

See our Course Quality Checklist and make sure your course meets all the quality standards of Bohubrihi.

Submit A Demo Video

It’s always the best to submit a demo video and get our feedback before you dive into making the full course. Getting feedback before creating a course ensures better quality of your course contents and reduces your risk of getting rejected.

Upload your demo video to youtube/dropbox/google drive and copy the sharable URL here

Apply to Be An Instructor

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Payment Information

Social Information

Other Information

Upload a demo video of your course on Youtube or Google Drive and insert the shareable link here.

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