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Our innovative approach and robust online training solutions help achieve your company’s learning goals and increase efficiency across organization!

Our Solutions

We specialize in providing corporate eLearning & training solutions to organizations.

Online Training & Development

Bring your training & development programs online! We are experts in creating, hosting or offering any type of online courses & modules for your internal training!

Training As A Service

Researching training needs, finding trainers & conducting sessions are too much hassle. Leave these to us; we can take care of all your training programs throughout the year!

On demand
Corporate Training

Need quick training on a topic? Our eminent trainers and elearning experts design & deliver comprehensive & actionable training that helps you achieve business goals.


We realize each organization has different needs. And we are just as much flexible with our offerings!

No more expensive, generic & traditional Corporate Training !

Why eLearning?

  • Significant economies of scale; higher ROI
  • Reduced cost, time and improved efficiency
  • More flexible, adaptable & scalable
  • Sustainable and actionable learning
  • Greater employee productivity
  • Transforming workforce according to future demand

Our Unique, collaborative approach to outcome-focused training

Conducting Needs Analysis

We sit with our clients to assess the current level of employee performance, determine the desired level of performance and identify the causes of this performance gap. Then we present the right solution to our clients by clarifying clear business goals and figuring out 'actions and/or behaviors' required to reach those goals.

Design & Develop Solutions

Once the goals and actions are clearly defined, we design the curriculum and content following the appropriate design modes and effective eLearning techniques. Our clients and eminent subject matter experts actively contribute in each stage.

Review & Deliver

After the successful creation and necessary iteration of the training content, our state-of-the-art learning management system allows the participants to take the training in a flexible and effective manner! The training can be fully self paced or otherwise- based on client's requirements.

Impact Assessment

The programs are designed in a way that participants can readily apply their knowledge and learn to take the 'actions' to reach the desired level of performance. Clients too can see the progress and performance of the participants right from their dashboard! With continuous assessment of how the course is impacting the employee performance, we continuously adjust things that could make the program better.

Be it up-skilling or re-skilling employees, quick workshop, employee onboarding, or long-term L&D program for your company; we've got you covered.

corporate training Bohubrihi eLearning Bangladesh
  • Measurable return on investment
  • Real time analytics & reporting
  • Team management
  • Flexible payment terms

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