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Certificate after completion

Earn verified certificate after completing each course on Bohubrihi. You can print your certificate, share it on Facebook or add to your linkedIn profile. Great way to showcase your achievement!

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Easy to use interface

We aim to provide learners a very friendly and hassle-free learning experience. Our interface is carefully designed that way.

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Interactive Quizzes

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Instructors can optionally ask students to submit assignment on a particular topic related to the course. Marks can be provided based on the quality of the assignment!

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Course specific groups

Every student enrolled to any course is automatically added to the course specific group where students can post status, images, videos or articles.
You can create completely new groups and add member, share knowledge with your community, have fun- just like Facebook groups!

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Discussion forums for courses

Wanna know more about the course topic? Each course is associated with a forum where you can discuss about that- can ask question or reply to any question asked there.
Moreover, the forum is automatically attached to the course specific group. All in one place!

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From any device

Laptop, PC, Macbook, Tablet or Mobile- whatever the device is; taking course is smooth at Bohubrihi.

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Extended timeline

No more complexity- everything at Bohubrihi is under a single account. You can navigate to anywhere and do literally anything from your highly customizable extended dashboard!

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News feed

You can post status, upload images and videos and share article with your friends and other members at Bohubrihi. Just scroll through the news feed and see whats happening around the website. You can like and comment on what others post!


Our mission is to bring students and teachers under one platform and build the very first educational community in Bangladesh.
You can learn anything anytime from the highest quality online courses we provide. Primarily focused on academic courses, career development courses and soft-skill tutorials, will soon expand to all other sectors. No prerequisite! It’s for all!
We provide the opportunity for instructors to create and upload courses on their own. Instructors can offer lessons for free, or earn thousands every month selling courses.

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